Brilliant Advantage

Our Vision

I do not have a history of bouquet,

Opening the light, giving directions,

They did not show us the boundaries,

A child, I give you the sky.

Our Motto.

And competitive development of inclusive education for the elite to fall.

Our Mission

  • Our goal is to make children's all-round development of a responsible citizen

  • We like the independent development of children in the tree, the family atmosphere and the external atmosphere occurs between udvipaka take care of it

  • We guarantee that our teachers will have to meet modern educational system, so that the organization's children receive higher qualifications.

  • We nairargika children develop values sinsana national pride ourselves to be a suitable formulation.

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    Brilliant group of Schools - Jamnagar

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    Our Team

    Chairmen School Management Year of Experience 25 Year

    Mr. Ashok Bhatt

    Managing Director

    School Management Year of Experiene 25 Year

    Mrs. Bhatt

    Director of Education

    M. Sc. B.ed (Chemistry) Year of Experience of 6 Year

    Mr. Rajesh Patel

    Chemistry Teacher

    M. Sc. B.ed (Physics)Year of Experience 06 Year

    Mr. Kiran Patel

    Physics Teacher

    M. Sc. Ph.d (Biology)Year of Experience 08 Year

    Dr. Rajnikant Patel

    Biology Teacher

    M. Sc. M.ed (Maths) Year of Experience 22 Year

    Mr. Bharat Dusra

    Maths Teacher (Trustee)

    M.A, B.ed (Sanskrit) Year of Experience 08 Year

    Mrs. Purviben Vyas

    Sanskrit Teacher, B.ed (Biology) Year of Experience 12 Year

    Mr. Nitesh Patel

    Biology Teacher, B.ed (Maths) Year of Experience 14 Year

    Mr. Harshad Parmar

    Science Administrator

    M.A, B.ed (English) Year of Experience 14 Year

    Mr. Jignesh Challa

    English Teacher
    • Brillinat It's Means Bright Future'.

      Ashok Bhatt
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    Brilliant Group of Schools, 2, Rajputpara, Limda Lane, Jamnagar

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